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for WordPress

We all value our privacy. Privacy is a fundamental right. With the Privacy proof Google analytics for WordPress plugin you can safely and reliably use Google analytics to measure your website statistics while fully guaranteeing your visitors privacy.


GDPR Compliant

Our plugin will handle IP anonymization

Realistic Numbers

Our plugin will spot all traffic

Faster loading

It's all server 2 server tech

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Right now, we all entrust Google with anonymizing IP addresses from visitors. With out plugin, your website will handle the anonymization process itself. This way, you have more control over your GDPR policies.

As WordPress itself will start handling the counting of your visitors, you will no longer have to rely on third party cookies. This way we are able to better count the actual visitors to your website.

Right now, tools like GTmetrix and Google Pagespeed will give you penalties when loading external javascripts. With our plugin in place, those javascript libraries will no longer be needed.

Yes, we absolutely love Google Analytics. We just want to solve the privacy discussion. That’s all.

We plan to release our plugin for free to the world. We are really dedicated to solving the global privacy challenges in regards to Google Analytics. We believe we can only do this, by offering our core technology for free. And yes, it will be open source.

At some point, we might release paid extra’s for the plugin to pay the bills. The basic functionality however, will remain free forever.

We really love using Google Analytics. We do it all the time. We also really like the idea of offering website visitors true privacy. As there wasn’t a proper solution yet, and the three of us have experience in so many area’s, we feel we can really make a difference. 

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